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    Think faster with DishNET Satellite Internet service. With DishNET, you can get:
  • ax Savings of $10/mo when you bundle with qualifying DISH TV service.
  • ax Speeds up to 10 mbps.
  • ax Multiple plans available nationwide to fit your speed and data needs.
  • ax Convenience of a single bill.
  • ax 24/7 customer support from DISH.
  • ax All plans require 24-month commitment and $10/mo. equipment lease fee.

Get Online with dishNET, and Save Even More
If you live in a rural area, it can be difficult to get internet that moves any faster than dial up. Even if you can get a DSL connection, it's often far more expensive than it should be for the amount of speed that it can actually deliver. With dishNET, you can get high quality, fast internet connections that simply blow DSL speeds away.  Save $10 per month on dishNET when you bundle your internet with your television. If you're already a DishTV subscriber, then you could be getting some really outstanding pricing on internet service as well. It's just as simple as calling Dish and placing an order, and you could be on your way to getting some of the fastest speeds available in areas where broadband connections just aren't available.  Speeds of up to 10 mbps, several times faster than anything that DSL could match. Download movies and music, load pages way faster, and even enjoy great media presentations online with 10 mbps connections that make the internet that much more enjoyable. If you're tired of your pages slowing to a crawl whenever you click a link, this is the deal you've been waiting for.  One bill, easy 24/7 customer support, and many plans to choose from. DishNET is a great option for homes, businesses, and more. When you're tired of wrestling with the slow speeds that come from dial-up and DSL connections, and you want to go online with great rates, great bandwidth, and more, you're ready for dishNET. TO find out more about bundling options, just call a Dish provider, or contact us directly to place your order. Dish can also provide high speed phone service as part of its internet offers, so be sure to check them out! DISH NET There is nothing as frustrating as browsing on a slow internet. It has the potential of derailing your work and you end up in a bad mood and in turn it affects your performance. If you ever experience fast internet, your life will never be the same again. DISHNET brings you high speed internet that allows you to stream movies, play videos and also browse the internet faster. With DISH known for quality TV programming, you have a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds and make savings at the same time. If you decide to bundle your TV and internet packages, you get to save $10 per month. However you have to make a commitment to enjoy the savings. DISHNET Features -Has speeds of up to 10Mbps -Has different plans to match different customer needs -Allows you to pay a single bill for both TV and internet. -The service comes with a 24 hour support DISHNET INTERNET PLANS Plan 1 -comes at a monthly cost of $39.99 -Comes with 5GB anytime data -Has a bonus data of 5Gb -Has download speeds of up to 5Mbps Plan 2 -Meant for a medium internet user -Going for $49.99 -Comes with 10GB anytime data -Has an extra bonus data of 10Gb -Has fast download speeds of up to 10Mbps Plan 3 -This is the plan meant for a heavy internet user -Comes at a price of $69.99 per month -Has data bundles of 15GB -Has a bonus data of 15GB -Has download speeds of 10Mbps Each of the above packages allows you to make savings of $10 when you bundle the internet service with TV packages. In addition the packages seem to be very well priced and anybody who subscribes to them is likely to enjoy fast internet and great TV viewing. Communication and entertainment has never been this good, thanks to DISHNET