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The Hopper's already a great DVR, but what would make it even better? How about if you could watch your favorite shows wherever you have an internet connection? With DISH Anywhere, and the help of a Sling adapter and a broadband internet connection, you could be watching all of your recorded media directly streamed from your home Hopper unit, anywhere. It may sound too good to be true, but trust us, it's real.  Watch high definition programming, wherever you are. With The Hopper and Sling, you'll get the ability to connect your mobile device with your DVR, giving you the power to catch up on your favorite shows anywhere that has a broadband internet connection.  Setup is easy. We can walk you through the entire process of setting up the Hopper for Sling connectivity, and get you started on watching your favorite shows in crisp definition. Streaming has never been simpler.  Compatible with nearly every mobile device. Our mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, so that you can use any device that you want to watch the shows that you want to watch. Whether you're looking to catch up on sports from your phone, or killing time before class on your tablet with your favorite BBC dramas, we've got you covered. You can log onto DISH Anywhere to download the application for yourself and get started. Dish also offers technical support and customer service if you need assistance with getting your connection up and running. For great shows wherever you go, DISH Anywhere is the right way to play. From hit movies, to the latest in kids programming, to news and reports that are being recorded and streamed live, there's nothing better than getting your Dish TV exactly where you need it to be. DISH Anywhere There is no doubt that DISH TV has transformed the television viewing habits of Americans by offering them the widest choice of entertaining movies and programs. With full HD features and thousands of movies, watching TV has never been more exciting. With a number of packages that include some premium movie channels, you will be spoilt for choice. The fact that you get a Hopper whole home DVR upgrade means that you will never miss any of your favorite shows even when you are on the move. This DVR allows you to record 6 channels at once ensuring that even if 2 of your favorite programs air at the same time, you can still be able to watch both by recording one or both of them. Watch DISH TV Anywhere To provide you with a sweet deal, DISH TV is now offering DISH Anywhere that allows you to watch you favorite movies and programs on the go. When you subscribe to the package, you get full access to live TV from anywhere. You also get access to thousands of on demand titles that you can watch anytime you please. In addition, you get to enjoy all your DVR recordings away from home at a convenient time. All you need is a broadband internet connected Hopper with Sling and you are good to go. Alternatively you may connect a Sling adapter to a broadband internet connected Hopper VIP 722 or 722k HD DVR to your internet for immediate access to DISH TV. If you prefer watching the action on mobile, you can simply download the FREE DISH Anywhere application to your mobile device. You may also opt to from your computer and you can have instant access to thousands of movies. As long as you are in a location with a fast internet connection, you can be able to enjoy a rich menu of programs. The beauty of DISH Anywhere is that you can be able to watch both live TV and recorded material.